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European Culture project ended in 2011

Please note that the content on this website has not been updated since the end of the European Culture project in 2011.

If you have additional questions on this initiative, please e-mail us directly at office@musicaustria.at

Please contact mica – music austria for fair model contracts in German and English: office@musicaustria.at

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Could ‘fair compensation’ be fairer to all?

Could ‘fair compensation’ be fairer to all?
Finding an alternative to copyright levies

The economists at Oxera publish excellent Agenda articles on a range of topics, and this most recent one deals with the contentious issue of copyright levies.

The majority of EU countries have a system of copyright levies on blank media and devices
with storage capacity, such as MP3 players, mobile phones and recordable DVD players. Yet
the rationale for, and implementation of, these regimes have been subject to a series of legal
disputes and economic criticism in recent years, and some countries, including Spain, Finland
and the Netherlands, have begun to look for change. Could an alternative system be less
distortionary while still adequately compensating rights holders?

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Hamburger Musikforum: VUT-Nord diskutiert über "Fair Trade Music"

Hamburg - Der VUT-Nord diskutiert im Rahmen des Hamburger Musikforums am 26. März über das Thema "Fair Trade Music – Musikwirtschaft einigt sich!". Hierbei stehen Geschäftsmodelle im Fokus, die nach den Maßgaben der Zukunftsfähigkeit für Künstler, Verlagen und Labels beleuchtet werden sollen.

Eingeladen sind alle Vertreter relevanter Verbände der Musikwirtschaft. Die zentrale Frage des Abends lautet: Was ist fair im Umgang mit Musik und wie stellen sich Unternehmen und Personen auf, die ihren Lebensunterhalt damit bestreiten – jetzt und in der Zukunft?

Auf dem Podium diskutieren Florian Bischoff von Rechtsanwälte Albrecht & Bischoff, Heinz Canibol – Geschäftsführer von 105 Music und Vertreter der Interessengemeinschaft Hamburger Musikwirtschaft – sowie Mark Chung vom VUT. Die Moderation übernimmt VUT-Mitglied Benjamin Galler von BENDITentertainment .

Es wird bis zum 23. März um Anmeldung unter anmeldung@vut-nord.de gebeten. Beginn der Veranstaltung ist 19.30 Uhr.

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fair music - Interview with Hartwig Kirner

An order of the day

Hartwig Kirner, managing director of Fairtrade Austria, on the market in Austria, political reality and global networking.

Can you describe the activities of Fairtrade Austria in a few sentences?

Of course. Fairtrade Austria is both a development policy-oriented NGO and simultaneously a labelling organization that certifies companies with very clear guidelines, thus an organization that provides a neutral, independently controlled  label for companies in Austria.

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fair music @ The international Rostrum

International Rostrum of Composers    
From Tuesday, 07 June 2011
To Friday, 10 June 2011

The fair music initiative will be present at the International Rostrum of Composers.
The fair music project partners will participate in this flagship project of the International Music Council, demonstrating why the fair music initiative is considered an exemplary project.

The IRC is an international forum of representatives from broadcasting organisations who come together for the purpose of exchanging and broadcasting contemporary music. The Rostrum was founded in 1954 as a flagship project of the International Music Council, an international NGO whose objective is to promote diverse music worldwide. This year, the 58th edition of the Rostrum will be hosted by ORF in Vienna between June 7th and 10th.

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